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Stress management is becoming more and more sought-after, as the pressures of the modern world increase, unfortunately stress is not something that will ever fully go away.


However it can be managed, and certainly does not have to impact your life the way that it may be doing now.

Stress management hypnotherapy provides you with a range of tools and techniques to help you come to terms with the stress in your life. This includes distinguishing between stresses that cannot be controlled, and the stresses that are generated through your own behaviour and therefore can be controlled. In addition to this, hypnotherapy will train you on how to relax in times of stress but also on an ongoing basis.

Below are just some of the ways can help you with hypnosis:

  • Hypnotherapy for work stress and work life balance
  • Hypnotherapy for managing everyday stress
  • Hypnotherapy for financial stress
  • Hypnotherapy for dealing with bad neighbours, customers or colleagues
  • Hypnotherapy for dealing with exhaustion
  • Hypnotherapy for mindfulness and restoring balance
  • Hypnotherapy for dealing with stressful events (such as Christmas)

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Service Fees

  • Standard Session £45 ph
  • Smoking Cessation £95
  • QHHT Past Life Regression £120
  • Consulation Free

None standard fees

  • Block sessions 3+ £40ph
  • QHHT continuation  journey £40 (max 3)
  • 30 min Relaxation £30

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