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Sport Psychology

If your mental processes are affecting your performance or maybe your processes just need some fine-tuning?


As any sportsperson will tell you your mind is just as important as your body. The slightest flaw in your mental health can have huge repercussions on your performance. What if your mind was on top form? How much better, faster or fitter could you get with the right mental agility and staying power.

Hypnosis for sports performance

Sport specifi hypnotherapy by qualified sport expert Shaun Noteman gets right to the heart of the matter – dealing with the negative, unconscious thought patterns that have been cultivated from years of life experience. Our mind is a very powerful tool, but if can also work against you and prevent you from achieving your personal best.

With our help, you’ll benefit from fine tuning in whatever sport you compete in – so that you can strive further, whilst being supported by tip top physical, mental and emotional health. After just one hypnotherapy session, you’ll learn how to develop and maintain the right attitude, so that your mind doesn’t give up at the first hurdle. Your brain will be trained to persevere and not give up, even in the face of adversity.

Work with us and you’ll soon be equipped with:

  • Winning mindset – the ability to think and behave like a true champion
  • Powerful awareness
  • Mental Toughness for Success – unwavering toughness when you need it the most
  • Quick Off The Blocks – positive mental attitude to enable faster starts
  • Mental Imagery Technique – a healthy level of adrenaline that doesn’t hinder
  • Extreme focus – a brain that stays in The Zone

Having trained National, International  & World Champions, could hypnosis help you get into peak physical, mental and emotional health? Book your free 30 minute consultation today and discover the real winner within.

Service Fees

  • Standard Session £45 ph
  • Smoking Cessation £95
  • QHHT Past Life Regression £120
  • Consulation Free

None standard fees

  • Block sessions 3+ £40ph
  • QHHT continuation  journey £40 (max 3)
  • 30 min Relaxation £30

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